A Few Images of MG's in Use

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Yeah that last one was a MK19 Machine Grenade Launcher. Those 40MM HE rounds will tear apart infantry and even damage tank armor out to about 2000 yards, I think it is.
Dang... That would stink to be in front of that.
There is this one gun that shoots over a million rounds in 6 seconds. its beast!
Yup nothing like a 40mm grenade to the chest to make ur day go south. Some hightech company is making a gun that will shoot like 100 40mm grenades a second. They already have a handgun that will shoot 3 roounds before the gun has time to recoil o_O
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yeah the pistol has an electric computer that does soemthingw hen a bullet is fired... the company is called "Metal Storm" they made an mg that shoots over like a million rounds that can take out a whole tsquad of thanks from the us to iraq.. its crazy
That video is nothing kendle, i know you cant see me but i ran through that blazing gunfire you might catch a glimpse of me in it, i was running and jumping all those bullets, DoD style ;-)
Wow... You think your so cool for running through that... I was cooler. I was the one shooting the hudge grenades and making thouse hudge explosions. Im sweet.
Gotta love tracer rounds. Anti-Aircraft use them, every 5th shell is a tracer. They can also be put chambered for normal rifles and machine guns. That's what they should do to Bin Laden when they catch him. :p
Lol redshift and his MG's. You said that there were a few pics of mg's in action, but i didnt see one picture of one firing. Anyway...

Yeah nice video kendle. I dont know if anyone noticed this too but that wasnt our military. It looked like a bunch of pissed off rednecks with heavy artilary. maybe we should drop those guys in the middle of north korea and tell them to shoot anything that moves...
lol Outbreak! I'm ex-navy and have seen many weapons in action, as well as being trained in most of them. Me showing you a still pic of a few firing doesn't hold any value. I suggest you hunt around the net for videos or join a reserve or national guard unit for some up close and personal training. Not only is it fun but a heck of a rush.
Lol redshift and his MG's. You said that there were a few pics of mg's in action, but i didnt see one picture of one firing. Anyway...

I think I said "in use", not in action. A friend of mine sent me the links a while back, although I can ask him if there are any firing vids available. The power of some of those, particularly the .50 cal are awesome.

Speaking of .50 cal, one of the more interesting weapons is the Barrett sniper rifle. Imagine being sniped by a .50 cal. it conjoined improved range with the firepower of an Apache helicopter and can penetrate light armour. I remember vividly the first time I used one....what a rush to see your round punch light armor like going through butter !!!

Here's a few stats on the big B:

The Barrett is an example of how technology has really improved over the years. There are about 8 or so Barret sniper models. Some, liek the M95, have the clip rear-mounted, and the bigger guys have the clip in the front. Those things can fire 10 rounds in 10 seconds, at optimum accuracy and control.
yeah no problem Redshift. Hey what were you in the Navy cuz my sister is currently enlisted as a coreman. Did you graduate in Chicago?

Nope, I'm a Canadian, not US. Canadian Navy.
There are about 8 or so Barret sniper models.

Mine was the M107 .50 cal. I called her "Big B". Very sleek design. You can literally disintegrate the target.
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