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I dunno about anyone else, but heres a quick...well...maybe....a quick statement about video games coming out...

1) Im madder than heck that the new Zelda has been post poned "once again!" I dunno about anyone else, but i love the series, and this game looks like it could be amoung the top best.

2) The issues of dead rising, who doesn't love a zombie slaughtering game? I kno i due, but if you dont have a high definition tv, the games ruined because u cant read the text to explain the storyline to you....wth??

3) Hopefully Halo 3 doesnt bugger off and leave us with the Sh*%^est ending again like in 2. Im betting big on the story this time, hopefully better than halo 1??

4) Madden 07 is fun, but it lacks finess, the madden series is slowly running out of new things they can do. Now their just betting on our love of the NFL and top play just because of the players and our fav. teams.

5) (final i hope lol) Dark Sector, one of the very first games projected to come out for 360 and ps3...has now been delayed for almost over a whole year...why? Apparently they ( refering to Cali's game development center) say that it has not only the potention, but the storyline and graphics to beat out all of the halos crammed together and any other game...another farce by the game designers? Or has truth finally come to bear?

Welp...thast about it lol sorry for using so much space and time! %-6
Wow right as I read the word satean, that dude in your avator (Noxy) had his head completely banged off with blood all over the screen.

Gotta love them nice koincidences
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