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Hey -RR-'s, I just thought that we should try and get a house banner going to put under our sig. I dont have the programs to do this sort of thing, so i thought I'd just open a thread so house members can show their ideas for it, and then we all vote on the one we'd use. It's just a suggestion, if nobody wants a banner its cool, I just thought I'd bring it up.
Good idea, I was thinking the same thing. I'll try to work on one in the next few days, but I really need to study for an exam on Monday.

Maybe we could all agree on 3 banners that we like the most, and choose individually which one we would use. Just an idea, or we could all use the same banner. What do you think?
umm, what if like the head admin of our clan get a slightly different, maybe more glorified banner, but everybody else uses a less glorified banner. The less glorified one would be the same for all lower classes in the -RR- house. Dont worry about making it, your life comes first lol. Just when you have free time.
this is one i made


if u want it go to the -RR- forums and get the link
lol outbreak i didnt see ur until after i put my on i put mine up then went to see if it worked then i saw urs i was like NO WAY ~:( o well
naaww dude im just kidding lol. I like the idea of every house having a custom sub sig. I think 540x50 is a good size for it.

You are pretty much my flash apprentice anyways, so i really dont mind haha.
Ooo, we have 2 of these threads then? Well, I posted some standard userbars up on the other thread too for any who may want to use them:





If anyone else needs cheap userbars, I can throw one together :)