Custom Sigs..

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If u need a custom sig i can work on some i have extra time for a while...

Please post what you want ur name to be.

What Type of background:
What color font:
Other Items:

Heres one my bro and i worked on...


Please notice:
My brother makes really good sigs, just he normally has lots of homework and he most the time cant do anything ~:( , so i will try my best to return all of your guy's/ladies orders
Outbreak, that is not very mature to say that considering the fact that the topic had been up for one hour before you went and posted that. AND when people see your post, who would want to? You do know that the posts following the first post affect some people's views?

So next time, wait more than one hour :)

Not meaning to be cruel, but it's best not to say 'no one wants your work'.
umm blaze not to defend outbreak here cuz that was kinda messed up that he said that but it was a day not an hour. look at the whole date there. he posted sunday and outbreak replied monday. just a little heads up there. but your right. outbreak you shouldnt really post something like that. its kinda harsh especially when that image is sweet looking. thats awsome if i need anything im coming to you vert.
Listen up.. I dont have to do this... I am doing this as an option to people who need a signature.. if u dont need one why even post?
Sorry i was being sarcastic. I atually like Vert!kal's signature image. It's pretty sweet. I like how the gun looks like its pointing at my face. So did you make that, cuz if you did bravo.

So yeah if you could make me one i'd appreciate it. Uhhh, im thinking you have to incorporate the thompson in it cuz thats what i use the most. Smoke grenade is kinda my specialty too. Uhh ww2 looking and my name in some kinda camo, not a flat color. I hope you can work with that.

Sorry if i came off as looking like a jerk. If i did, I didnt mean it.
Oh yeah sorry about the time, my bro told me it was an hour diff, since I know not about these timezones, and mine is quite near my time, so for me it doesn't show as a day gone past.
haha im young.. i dont really know anything about timezones just...West countrys is normal, central is 1-2 hours, and east countrys are 3 hours

I forgive just i kinda felt on the downside of when u said that
hey sorry again. And i forgot to mention that i drive a 1954 chevy truck. Kinda late for ww2 but if you can find a pic of one that would be great. Show an allied soldier leaning out the drive side window owning some germans. Put some blood streaks and crap on the truck to show ive ran over a few. My truck is light blue, well good luck!
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