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Ok Guys I think i'ts time to make a manbridge. Im thinking we need to set a date and a time to do this and we need some eGO admin support. We should make it from the allied "doubble Windows" to the roof of the church. its going to take at least 10 people so tell me if you are down to help.

I'm thinking thursday at 8:00 Eastern, unless someone thinks otherwise...

if you dont know what a manbridge is there is a picture of it located here...

Awwl right! I didnt think it would be such a landslide vote! This is great, so all we need now is some admin support. It would be strictly for the pics but it will definately be worth it. The problem is that the server will be at a standstill for about 1/2 to 1 hour. I really would feel comfortable if JohnT had a say in this...

Oh yeah when we were doing it before all you have to do is shoot the first guy and everyone else falls to their death. Quite funny, but frustrating...
Timezone is bad....I have no idea what that time is in finnish time, could someone pm me 5 hours before it...so I can know if I can come on, since it could be morning or midnight for me...
I think it's about 8 hours ahead of eastern(us), although it's my first time doing times over the gmt line so a double check might be in order. Eastern being -5, and I guess gmt/around england it's counted as 0 so I think it's right.
god u had to pick 8 pm on the 26th i have to go paintball for my friend's birthday can u make it thursday at um... 6:30ish? cuz i wanna help out and hopefully shoot the first guy =D
Should probably go with the first time planned. If not enough people can make that, change it. Don't just start changing it after the time and date has been announced for single individuals.
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