My new fav weapon

was on strand today and was unusualy good for some reason.

longest i've ever held a 3 kdr :D
BTW, the fact that you joined the Dam Busters house is especially good for your name, I laughed when I read it. It sounds like:

"I have no life, damn!"

BTW, outstanding kill ratio with the snipe, congrats!
You would have never of got away with it if I'd been rocketing you, bwahahahaah. Though I mite have left you alone if you left me alone, one for the DAM busters
It was cause you had Bullet Magnet xD He had a magnet and draw th e bullets so you owned :)

Man, I had a week streak to get kd over 3 every day with sniper...and now I have a hard time getting kdr 1 at mouse needed ASAP!
[quote1189997431=i have no life [DAM]]
i don't know if its the medication i'm taking, but i was getting like 8 - 10 kills a life from my camo spot in the bunker.

Same here man I've been getting better with the sniper since I've been playing Axis on Strand, I either go Kar or sniper and thats about what I get to. I cant play Allies on that map anymore lol
From 22nd August to 16th September:
Class: Sniper
Map: Avalanche

22.8: 29-16
23.8: 53-18
24.8: 70-15
25.8: 39:13
26.8: 228-100
27.8: 61-30
28.8: 103-24
29.8: 49-9
30.8: 12-5
1.9: 20-3, 70-14
3.9: 60-12
4.9: 55-11
5.9: 38-6
6.9: 16-4
7.9: 50-5
8.9: 51-17
9.9: 46-17
10.9: 26-9
11.9: 101-25
12.9: 105-39
13.9: 29-16
14.9: 58-23
15.9: 53-18
16.9: 86-27

So, in overall, I've done well compared to mouse being broken..but I'm gonna go down to kdr 1 soon...Just can't focus, since been practising other classes.

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