[poll] Re : Add which DOD army?

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Why are you posting this? It isnt going to happen... Well it mite.
I voted for the russians, you gotta love the mosian nagot.
Russian ftw. They have some excellent guns and it would be pretty awesome to see them brought to DoD:S.
The brits have already been in DOD, and I do miss the enfield.

Russia is what I vote for. Nothing but cool weapons - ppsh, svt, ect.
Eh, where're the italians?

Playing cards, sucking back wine, eating good food...the usual :)
The fg-42 in DOD was my favorite weapon by far! It was the snipers MG, and I would love to see it back in game.
I accidentally voted for Japan. Meant to vote for Soviet Union. Gotta love them PpSH 41 guns.

And PS: the AK-47 was NOT invented untill the year 1947. Hence the name AK-47. And the MG42 could smoke basically every MG the soviets had. The soviets did have better everything else though
Know what I would like to see? Bayonettes. Good 'ole barrel swords to shove through the unsuspecting snipers in the church.
i definatly voted for russians.

The japanese wouldnt make sence. there would be like a pearl harbor map and a hiroshima map. and we all know the outcome of those battles...
And so were Star Destroyers. And Leprechauns were around back then. Not to forget, Hitler didn't kill one jew, he wanted to save them.........
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