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I think eGO has enough members now to get itself A NEW SERVER (without trashing the old one). PUT SOME MODS AND DIFFERENT MAPS ON IT! WHOSE WITH ME?
We have been thinking about it. Artimus and I are getting this server paid for this month for another six months which will go thru next June.

A good 32 man server costs 430 every six months give or take a little. I will talk to Deacon at DgX to see if we could get a discount.

Anyone willing to donate is welcome :)
its a program within steam. go to the tools section and dowload the SDK. in there you will find Hammer editor. It takes a while to get used to but it's well worth it...
Not that rich. Make 15 bucks a game (bout 15 bucks an hour) and I work UP TO 12 weeks a year. I ref soccer (recreation soccer not club).

I get my money in large sums far apart
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