Got a job.

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I've been hired. My days of eating pbjs, egg sandwhiches and grilled cheese sandwhiches will be alleviated. I'll now be blessed with being able to eat sushi once a week :((. Should start some time next week, but even with a job taking up some time through out the week fear not. I'm a man of amazing amounts of free time, so much that I've often had the pleasure of two relaxing naps in one day multiple days in a row. While it's bound to take away some potential gaming time, I'll be able to eat decently again. On the plus side, I should be able to get some much needed upgrades to my computer hardware again. Any who, just felt like mentioning it. It shouldn't affect my appereance to much except for during the day, but I usually play more at night anyways.
whats a job? :p nah nah... im way too young for a job but i would love to get one and get a new gfx card and maybe a sound card
Sweet :)

The problem with the first paycheck is you usually spent it six weeks before you get it :(
Nice... I have a great job!

NOT REALY! I have to get up everyday at 5:00 to do FREAKING PAPERS!!!!! but... I get over $500 a mounth. !lol!
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