So...Anyone happen to play WoW?

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No, trust me 15$ a month is totally worth it.

Everyone says World Of Warcraft sucks and only true geeks play it... Everyone at my school says it to, until they play it then their hooked. Once you play WoW you will see that 15$ a month is not retarded at all, but I wouldn't mind a second starcraft either:D:D

But seriously WTF happened to Starcraft Ghost!!! I wanted that!!!!
I'd rather not pay $15 just so a bunch of kids can call me a n00b. Much better things to spend that money on.
Yeah, I hate paying...but honestly the game and its content make it worth it. And thats why I love FPS's so much, hehe. Most of them you can play online for free! But with WoW, i'm not one of those people who spend 18 hours a day on it so its not as much of an addiction to me as it is something I enjoy doing. I would rather spend $15 a month on WoW over spending $5 a month on XBOX Live...Those games aren't HALF as much fun as FPS PC games !amazed

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Yeah OJ how is your char coming along? You got a Human Lock right?


But yeah guys really dont say its not worth it or it sucks until you have tried it, it's seriously the kind of all MMORPG's.
I mean it depends on people if its worth paying, to me it was worth it im not playing anymore lately, i guess im taking a break.

But i do have a 60 undead warlock
Server : stormscale

Name : hindenburg

I've had good fun playing it.
Name: Giovani

Realm: Ysondre, stopped playing cause i cant afford it with college until i get my loan money in 2 weeks. because they had some difficulty with the state !sad

If any of you guys are up to starting over and lvling together let me know, and ill let you know when i get the money to start paying for it again
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