[poll] Are YOU an insomniac?!


Hey guys most of my hours are between 9pm-5am pac. I just wanted to see if we have any other insomniacs in the clan.

=(eG)= Tweek
I play mostly during the evenings, but because of the timedifference, most of the times i stay up till 2 am my time to talk to some of you guys...
I usually dont start playing till after midnight. I dont have insomnia, I just dont sleep much. It gets in the way of my heavy drinking.
I am certainly an insomniac. I usually don't bother trying to go to sleep until around 7-8 in the morning. I don't always game at night, though. Other things to keep me occupied, you understand.
If I get 2 hours of sleep it's a good night. I go through so much caffeine in a day it ain't even funny. It actually was part of the cause of my throat problem.
I worked a night shift during the summer and I would go to work at 10pm and get off at 6:30am. So yeah i was living like an insomniac for a long time.

hated it, it really murders the social life.
I play at all kinds of random hours.. some nights I get off work at 0100 or 0200 or even 0600... then the days that I don't work... I can't seem to sleep, so I usually play some form of computer game.
:( so many problems...tsk tsk tsk. so caffeine problem with mop and insomnia for tweek. =( lol i thik im going to play now or downgrade my computer either or it has to do with computer lol.