Why I love playing here at =(eGO)=.

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I love =(eGO)=, this is why



MELEE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this took sgt.coron and I forever to set up. %-6
i dont know, but i miss the bayonett. It was a quick way to just stab and slice someone. hopefully they bring it back soon...

Also they need to give the riflemen a pistol for gods sake...
ya it took like 15 minutes for us to get that thing going then people kept killing with guns. veyr annoying. fun once it started tho : )
Yea i was like punching... then i took these... fun stuff it was but it was hard casue i was like no!!!! dont kill me i wont fight back!! i have my sniper out and im taking screenshots... everyone killed me... oh well i got some good screenshots out of it.
Haha, I remember one morning me and Blazing were having a sniper no-scope fight. It was pretty fun, we're experts at no scoping because of it lol.
Actually I just keep the middle of my screen on the person and pull the trigger hoping to get lucky. It's a lot easier in close quarters.
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