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Well MOP, I may have you beat lol. I just checked the standings on my last auto-x (autocross = for cars) race, and I got dead last :p It was only my second time out, and on my stock Ford Escort LX, so it wasn't anything too bad. My dad took first in our class, and I took 3rd...well, last, since there were only 3 cars in there. I was put in my place by an Austin-Healey Sprite (Collector's item) I'm a little irritated lol. I ran again in the afternoon to try and get a better time since I knew a 42.238 wasn't going to cut it for me...I ran in the Not for Points class, and ended up taking 21st place in that with a time of 40.615.

[link=]Click here for results[/link]

Ctrl-F and type in 122. That's my number. I don't feel too bad taking 21st in NfP, frankly because of the company I was in. If you don't believe me, look at the titles that the cars were listed under, and look them up on google, and check out the cars they can make within those parameters :p Then you'll understand lol.

EDIT - BTW, for you car fanatics, there was a brand new Lotus Exige-S racing there too. It was a nice car...mmm...

MOP - I win as the biggest loser lol. SO HAH! :p

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