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im going to california today as of 10/26 tonight... so i wont be back til 10/28 im going to california so ill talk to yall later... Bye Yall have fun, Don't get arrested.
Psh wuts norcal? Its ALL about SoCal baby!!! San Diego rox ur sox :]

Oneshot u gotta come out here sometime, perfect climate down here in SD man!
California owns all other states. Yurito must live in crappy so cal where they eat dust and smog. Up in nor cal its nice.

Bay Area, fool :p and maybe it's not the weather that's bothering me - maybe it's the attitude that people have ;) who knows
Argue all you want guys, because eventually in a certain amount of years, California is going to break off from the United States and become an island in the Pacific due to having the tectonic plates under the land getting to a point where they cause a massive earthquake unlike any other before. :)
Thats why im here safe and sound in new york... Noxus cross your fingers because if we have a sunami your done... lol an east cost title-wave... lol
Thanks. But I was watching a program about just that the other day and they said it would annihilate most of New England. Not going to happen in our lifetime though.
sorry guys but i live in fresno... the so called armpit of cali... you havent seen smog till you come here. we hare the worst ranked smog city in the state..
sounds like some good breathing in fresno. and yeah i know california is going to break off and what not. If it wernt for fires, earthquakes, mudslides and impending tsunami's, california is a great place...

The northern half is way better...
altho cali is hot as hell i have to put up with it..... hahah but i love it here and well also it depends where you live in cali.... i stay about 2 hours from hollywood but man clubs party and all the fun stuff happends in cali...... and well the onely thing that sucks here are the beaches the watter is not so clean and its always cold..... i miss Cancun......
nj ftw......... been to los angeles (dunno can't spell) so..... and in cali its pretty hot and like. freezing at nite
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