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to all you guys who call yourselves members. please PLEASE stop spamming. stop digging up old posts. stop making spam threads. all you guys are worried about a number. think about what you are a part of. everyone who reads this needs to look at the top banner. "Edge Gamers Organization =(eGO)= A MATURE DoD Gaming Clan." Please guys, spamming to make your post count higher is not mature. this clan wasnt made for a contest. yes having fun competition with the post count is apropriate sometimes. but you guys are taking it way too far. i hope you guys stop before action takes place b/c that only means that something bad will happen to a clan member(s). there are many of you who do this and im not going to name names b/c you know who you are. please all i ask is stop spamming and digging up old threads to reply to. theres a reason no one replies to them anymore. thank you and i hope you heed this advice.
What Shadow said. My heart cries when I see new replies to 20+ posts within an hour of checking by one person(then someone else responds to all of them).
yea, i dont like seeing that either. when old threads from 2 months ago pop up out of no where
PLEASE HEED THIS WARNING. Action is going to be taken on users who feel it necessary to excessively spam the forums. Just don't do it.
wow silentsushi and krakken did you read my post at all? i just said not to do what you said your going to do and saying that thats a good idea. guys please stop. as you see many of the eGO members are getting irritated by this. if enough of this continues then this issue will have to go to the council and then they will have to do more work than they already do. please dont make this stupid issue a burden on the clan.
Ok Krakken, this is the last thing I'm posting in this thread and it's completely directed at your last post. However, it can wrap up this thread as well(so no replies are needed for this). First unless you're a utilitarian and somehow I doubt you are, the general happiness doesn't make it right or ethical(for examples of this you can send me a pm). Secondly, if it's bothering eGO and advisors(council members haven't said much on the subject, but I doubt they're all unaware of it) then it's a logical idea to not be smart about it either. This issue should be settled, so I'll thank everyone for not making me post something about it again.
No replies are needed, but i need to say that noyade summed this up extremely well right now. the greater happiness is not always the greater good. noyade and i have been posting a lot on this issue and hoping to resolve it. it seems that, krakken, you are an obstacle in this issue. and if you are not then please stop acting like one. eventually action will take its hand and some people will be unhappy but for the greater good.
Woah, ok everyone chill out. This thread has gone in the totally wrong direction. Now theres nothing wrong with reviving an old thread every once in a while, if it was popular then then there is a good chance it will be popular again. No going back and reviving old threads just to get your post count up. But we all need to chill out, Sushi and Krakken simply said that they thought it was ok to bump a thread that was popular up every once in a while and I don't see anything wrong with that. So can we just talk about spamming and not attack other players? This goes to everyone reguardless of being in eG or not.
To everyone:

Don't spam.
Don't dig up old threads that shouldn't be dug up.
Don't make threads that should really just be posts.

End of discussion. Get on the server and have fun.
Exessive spamming = no. A little fun here and there is ok but this is a simple moral factor upon most forums. Please use common sence when pulling old threads, and when posting in general.
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