should i downgrade?


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my computer ( a brand new emachine) keeps acting up and sometimes feezes and i believe its from vista. vista can purely not work on my computer so i have decided to down grade to perhaps XP. i am aslo more comfortable with xp. what do u guys think i should do?
That wouldn't really be a downgrade, it all depends on what your going to use it for. I doubt that freezing is from Vista.
im not sure where it is from that is the problem but my computer isnt really made for vista and im much more comfortable with xp b/c i've sued it when i learned how to use computers so im most comfortable with it.
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Dell why would you attempt to play on that just buy a falcon northwest or make your own.
At this point, I think that would be considered an upgrade. However, once Microsoft releases SP1 for Vista next year, this could change. We can only hope.
Vista is a memory hog. I wouldn't consider gaming on a Vista machine with any less than 2 GB. What do you have running concurrently when if freezes. I'm not familiar with eMachines, but store bought computers usually have a lot of items installed that are not essential for it to work. Taking the programs off or just turning them off can improve performance.
i would go with the XP... vista is still new right now and has too much problems.. you have to wait till they come out with thier vista pack 2... so XP is the best thing to do right now
yes i have just downgraded my computer yesterday. emachine came with lots of junk but when i put xp BAM it was gone and it was only like windows things that dont have anything to do with the computer. i'm hoping that DoD will play smoothly. i have dled nvidia and direct X and it has helped. if you guys want i will show u the computer i have. it may be sucky but i dont have to share with my brother anymore too.

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