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Hey, been trying to get my mic to work so I can talk in game but it's been hopeless so far. Was wondering if anyone could help me our, here's my problem:

I built my machine from scratch, has an MSI K9NU-NEO mobo, using Realtek HD for my sound/mic options and whenever I try to use my mic (tried two different ones, same problem) it echos continuously until it sounds like a hurricane as someone put it. Changed all the settings around, updated ALL the drivers (mobo, VGA, CPU, ect.) and so far nothing has worked. If you need to know the specs for the rest of the computer -
K9NU-Neo mobo, Athlan 64 X2 5200+ CPU, GeForce 7900GT VGA, 2 gigs of ram, cheap headset with mic which worked before on another computer, a new Logitech mic which has also worked before, and running Windows XP Home.

So...if anyone has anything I could try, please let me know...really would like to talk in game, pain in the butt to type all the time...

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