GunZ anyone?


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ever herad of the game GunZ or do you have an account that you are playing the game with? me and my friend who live near each other play togather but hes not my level which is still low but i would like to play with someone from perhaps eGO. justt post your name that is your character or tell me your opinions on GunZ if you are playing or were a former player.

Thanks. :)
I played it for a bit. It was pretty cool, a little hard to control though. I got to be pretty good at the game (though still a pretty low lvl) but just never really felt like I had complete and utter control over my movement, so I stopped playing.
I've never heard of it...

I've played Gun, a very underrated western game. But I don't think that's GunZ...

What is it? Is it an MMORPG?
I love this game. I haven't played it in a while since hackers are getting way overboard. I'm level 42 or something right now. The people are crazy at the advanced levels. I remember this one battle where I was just fighting someone with my katana off of a wall of a bottomless pit for like 10 minutes.

For those who haven't seen gunz here's a clip from youtube:

Unfortunately - at the higher levels - the skill curve is steep - you either have it or you don't \=
it may look lame andd be hard to control but there are some fans out there. and u just gotta learn how to play what techniques to use, etc.

@ thor
its a game where u make a quick character and u fight against people. its completely free and since most people play the North American one u have to make an ijji acct.
yeah! man i used to love that game. i used to play with a bud too and we had a clan goin but something popped up when i tried reinstalling it on my new comp. if i can get it up ill pm ya :D
i think it all depends on your computer. its a fun game with bad effects and graphics. the funnest is to bf(butterfly) and kill noobs =P. only gunz people would know that.

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