Do Not Spam In-Game Voice Chat - It May Result in a BAN.

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There have been a few complaints, so we have to bring this up again for anyone new to eGO servers. If you don't understand this post, read it again until you do, or have someone else explain it to you. it is a very simple concept and can be broken down into two simple statements:

Do not keep a running commentary or constantly talk on the mic during a game. The keyword here is "constantly". Understand what that word means.

It is not your personal commentary channel.

Anyone who talks constantly will find themselves banned for a few days, or even perma-banned if they keep on doing it.

In-game you will get two warnings, max. After that you will be banned for anything from a few days to a week. Perma bans will follow if it ends up being a recurring problem.

If anyone hears someone abusing the mic in this way, PM an advisor or council member.
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