Van Halen tour 2007

Q.T. Owens

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I am going to see them twice in Detroit, anyone else going?

On (Van Halen News Desk) there are movies of the last rehearsal in LA. Man, I am looking forward to this tour, even though M.A. is not going to be with them
[quote1190402932=saOsiN [JONES]]
i think i just puked in my mouth a lil bit lol

I know, VH without Michael Anthony is kind of sickening, but...
how much are those tickets? I just went to a Def Leppard and Styx concert and the tickets were 120 bucks a piece!

got em for free though awww yeah.
i went to see RUSH and The Police for 60 bucks a piece (those were some good seats for being so cheap).

I saw both of them this past summer, too!

40 for Police (Back section)
70 for Rush (12th row)

Both excellent concerts!
and i dont care what it will take!!! i will see led zeppelin even if i have to climb into someones bag at the airport and punch him in the face when they reach the hotel room in London!!!

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