Building a new PC


I made one post
Im building a new pc so i wont be able to play for a while since i have to reinstall steam and stuff :)
ugh i really dont wanna do all that
the OS, antivirus, games etc.

wish me luck:)
Intel motherboard, intel dual processors, 2 gigs of DDR2, Nvidia graphics card and a clear case with neon lights..oh yea!
I built it last night and today the Operating system and stuff are going to be installed hopefully ill be done before midnight.
Oh hey you're right lol the edit button does work
My new pc is up and running and dod is downloading
its 44% probly another hour or so
Im gonna turn the graphics all the way up lol oh yea
Cool deal man hope you have fun with your new hardware.

(Also the edit button works wonders, no need to make one post after another like that. ;D)

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