omg that why some rides have weight limits on them. I love how he like slipping out of seat and gets his neck caught on the strap. i'm guessing this a ride that spins you in a loop. So, his greater mass has more force to act upon and gives him a higher centrifical force that forced him out of his seat. in other words he was too big to be on the ride.

as the second one: fat people + moving vehicles = funny outcome.

third: ouchy. and to add some insult to injury the ball hit in the face a few times.
[quote1190428542=A-Team [JONES]]
i like how the lady just laughs and laughs even tho he could fall out

I don't think she noticed him falling out. She never looked over, and it's typical for people to scream for the ride to stop when it gets scary.
ahhh yes, now we can all tell what EASY_KILL does on his free time... looking up fat kids and people geting hurt on youtube.. i will admit tho, that soccer one really got ne, it was really funny haha :p
thats not a rollercoaster, its one of thoes rides when you in those metal ball thing, and it shoots you up
the roller coaster one would have been so amazingly scary. he was like over half way out of it
the moped one i feel bad for the guy.
BUt the soccer one was pretty fun. Double shot.

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