My computer dont like me :(

Hey guys, I know I should have posted this in tech help but nobody reads that forum :mad: So I thought I would post it here so I could possibly get if fixed sooner. Ok, so, after I got my computer setup at a friends house, it ran good then it just froze, couldn't do anything at all, so I restarted, it was running fine so I played some TF2, then It froze up again, had to restart, but this time it stuck at the startup screen (detecting hard drives and such) and it just stayed there, forever!, so, i messed around with it's innards, then it booted up fine, so im hoping I can type the rest of this before it freezes up again B) anyone have ANY ideas whats up?!?!
sounds like you had a loose cable or something and when u opened it up, you reconnected it...just a guess cuz mine did the same thing and I had to readjust one of the cables to the mobo.
Well, she's been running true for a good while now, im pretty sure it was a loose cable cause when I was looking in side of it, I did unplug and plug cables in, some cable must have gotten loose on the car ride here, ill post if it happens again, but if anyone has any ideas if it is something else, speak up :)
if it happens a gain the hard drive problems if u have a raid hard drive thingy the bios might be set up to have only 1 drive or if u have 1 drive the bios is set up for a raid

happened to me once