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well good luck where ever you go even though I don't know you if you can can you give a reason if not personal of coarse
so many people are leaving...i think north may have joined reinkaoses new clan thing...rein tried to recruit me yesterday and i said no
Yeah, cya later Northcott, we had some fun times. :*(

And yeah, the Tag is GrG and they're using the server 'THOH' was using.
I played with Rein, and his clan has 13 members...so they're doing ok. Behaves well on our servers, hasn't recruited or anything.

And by North!
cya north. im sad ur leaving but its ur desicion. could someone pm me the clan's website address i want to see what it looks like for now. thanks. cya north
OK guys. This is Rein, made a new account just to say one thing. First of all, I am not recruiting members from eGO. If they want to join, I let them, but I do NOT intend to steal eGO members. Second, I never asked A-Team to join my clan... I do not know why he said that. I asked him if he wanted to join my SERVER. I am not stealing your members. Just letting you know.

Go ahead, ban me. Just do not delete this post please.
There is no reason to perpetuate this argument.

People are free to come and go as they please, and where they go is not our concern. However, recruiting our members to go elsewhere is not acceptable.

Regardless, I will take Reinkaos as his word for the moment that he did not do so, and will lock this thread. We don't want to hear about such a situation developing again. It's childish and silly.
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