Couple of my knives


Being that I work at a photo studio, and knives are one of my passions... it would figure I've taken a couple pictures of my knives.


Oh yeah and here's my answer to home invasion:
Aww come on spetz, I've been dying to do some real-world testing on some speer gold dots.
And as to the knives, the top one is priceless, as it was a gift from a close buddy of mine. It's a custom job, and the maker is dead, so it's pretty much irreplaceable. The knife under that (with my glock and surefire and eagle tac-vest) is an Emerson CQC-7 it's my EDC knife, and is tougher than nails. Cost me $140 when I bought it. (I think they are a little more now And below that is a pretty rare Blackjack "trailguide" with chesnut handles, it's my grouse skinning knife, has an a-2 steel blade, and is pretty nifty.

Then there is my Glock 22... all I have to say is "This is a glock fotaay, 50 cent, two short, all of em talk about de glock fotaay."
See in America we have this sweet new technology called money. And I traded money for my guns and knives :D
I'll take a picture of my favorite boomstick tomorrow. It's a Remington 700 in .308 I was out shooting it today, let me tell ya, it's nice to own a rifle that lets you pick off shotgun shells at 100 yards. I should have a pic or two of my old AR around somewhere. I'll try and get it uploaded for ya.

Here's me and my DSA 58... and a guiness, and my Emerson. You can't see the Delta Elite 10mm in my Thigh rig (safariland 6004)\

Here's the rifle again, sans me.

And a close-up on the reciver

AAAAAND my socom 16 with Emerson and surefire flashlight
my god
were you in some war/hunter/army or what just like guns/collecting them or what
some good collectables those knives are, sweet
I hunt. And I did some training with the subase security down at Kingsbay NSB for a few months. But most of my time shooting is at paper, or clay targets, or trash. And yes I do like guns and knives. A whole lot. Could ya tell?
i could tell a little
sounds like a real cool hobby you got. real cool
so how do you hunt with knives?
you chase your pray down/track them down and hunt them with knives?
or is that what the guns are for.

i want to be like you when i grow up...

and in california. i think we also do have money. but we cant trade it for so many guns or we get sen to this thing called jail

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i think you posted some pics like this on the post yourself thread too

I would post my gun all the time , if i had one !lol

btw nice sig rom!
Yep posted most of these.

And someone tell me why you all have lazy town pictures? Did I miss something? Are you all 3 and 4?
The first one is gorgeous :O Later, I'll have to post some pictures of ours.
We have a katana [Real, though we do have a set of fake ones too]
Theres a switchblade that has an eagle carved into the handle, I love the way this one was carved and pained...
And we also have a dagger with a golden hilt, I'm not sure of what sort, but my mum tells me it's quite valuable [She'd rather sell our authentic katana than this dagger]