new sig perhaps?


Poster Extraordinaire
So, I've got a version of the back-flipping-hatchet-attack in sig form, but am wondering if its worth using? Or is my current one better?


Yeah I prefer your current one. But with some work the Backflipping hatchet attack would be better.
I do like some of those fonts better... if anyone wants to re-do my current sig and make the fonts different/more readable, I'll give you brownie points.
Here, Spetz. I can change the font on your name, too, if you so wish.


I also took the liberty to fix the bottom right 'leaf' on the crest, the right edge of the Spetsnaz soldier, and the farthest right red 'lump'.
Ah man I really want to help! It's frustrating not being able to help out anybody. How much is photoshop? Is it worth the price? I really want to get it so I can make sigs for people.