oWnAgE fRoM eGO

NO CROSSHAIR??? Hmm maybe i should join spec and make a demo of you... oh wait there is already one :p

Ye man, very nice, i like the barmod too, where did you find it?
And i love Crazy Train from Black Sabbat.. Such a cool song!
It's great that you selected a song that says "maybe it's not too late to learn how to love, and forget about hate" as the theme song for a murder video lol!

Im just curious, this whole fpsbanana site is completely safe right? like the downloads and all that? My family (more like my dad) has some really improtant files for work stuff on this computer and we CANT lose them to a virus or something like that.
i have never gotten a virus from one, and i think the check it, and last but not least check the comments, if they are possative, like saying "this skin is awesome keep up the work", then that means it is safe. check the comments, that's what i do.
But what id like to know is, is ther a chance at all of getting a virus? I really like some of thes skins, but if thers a chance of getting a virus, i want nothing of it.