building my kayak....

I was working on my kayak this weekend...just thought I would share some pictures :)


Here is one of me and my dog Rusty next to it

enjoy :p
I kayaked (flatwater kayaking) for about 6 years. I was actually supposed to compete at the junior world championships this year, if I had continued to do it.
Hmm... it's missing something. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly, but I can just feel it in my bones that something is amiss. I'm not going crazy here, am I?
Nice work!

I've been working on renovating my dad's old sailboat. So far it's taking forever!

Really the only thing it needs now is a paintjob, and a patch on the bottom (There's a large hole)
When I lived by a lake few years back i would take it out in the mornings as a workout. I dont know if thats what hes doing but i realy enjoyed kayaking in the morning.