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Thought i would do a movie review since me and my girlfriend watch like two a week, and ways. Saw three was a horrible let down i was hoping it would be as great at the last two but it was really nothing like that all the cool like things that jigsaw did well kinda fell apart in this movie. And on top of that it left you with a unfinished story and in my mind i cant really see them making another one where this one left off because it would be really well boring. So my over all fell of this movie is two out of three.
I'LL BE SURE NOT TO SHOW MY FRIEND THAT POST. He is a Saw FANATIC and would hunt you down and kill you if he read that. He saw it and said it was just as good as the last two if not better.
Well thats too bad, Im not saying your a lier but you are a lier... I thought it was great...
Don't start calling people liars for opinions over movies. I wouldn't trust anyone else's opinion for a movie anyways, to many different preferences people have when they go into the movie to be able to know if it was decent or not.
well actualy i did like..... most people think of Saw as a scary movie thats the problem i had ben hearing alot of the same thing that the movie is not scary but its not about the scary-ness its more of the gory stuff they show..... and how they do it...... there is just one thing tho..... well for those who have not seen this dont read ahead ^^, spoiler...... well they did not close the movie meaning that they might posably be another one...... thats what i did not like... i thought the third of a movie is the last but oh well i still liked it ^^,
I was just messing around noyade... I wasnt calling him names i was just messing around with good old jesus.
Yeah same here i dont like agreeing on other peoples opinions mines always different about how they see the movie and how I do.
I can see why you guys think its bad. I dosnet make sense. I like the gore but it dosent fit together...
The gore was great, every death was very thought out at the directors table, but what i dont like is how even when the main character is gone they still want to milk this movie for all its worth and all that is saying to me is as long as they stick "Saw" on the cover we will keep going. I dont like to be thought a fool. Like i said gore was good plot was not so good.
Lol Jesus, isn't money the main goal of every movie ever created? Plus the first two had excellent plots, I think, and the plot twists at the end of the movies were even better. To each his own.
I saw it like 2 hours ago and really liked it. Pretty intense! And the plot twists were awesome as I expected.
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