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I figure i put this out on the table, already had one guy tonight doing it not sure if you already have it down as one.

------> No meleeing other teammates.

Its quite annoying and usually gives up your spot that you are in and not giving people a chance to play right
If someone is acting like an asshat(to use I think Noxus' term), just slay them. I've had goofballs stand in front of me while trying to snipe and have them just whack away til we both get shot.
Follow what Noyade said, and if they continue to be an asshat (yes it was me, I enjoy calling people that) then give them a kick. We can't have a general rule against it because some people do it in the beginning of the match to motivate people. It would be a problem if friendly fire was on, but since it isn't, the ones who pester people will be dealt with accordingly.
Usaly when people see an eG tag or eGO tag in front of your name they dont do it. But there is that one jerk who does. Just warn them then slay/slap them.
yeah thats true i had a few guys in the past weeks do that to me as i was sniping... only to have a roclet kill us both multiple instances... x)
Most of the time there will be an admin of some type on the server. If he/she is active (not afk) he/she will take care of the problem. If none are present, in the future, please get the steam ids of the perpetrators and post them in the request ban forum.
honestly i think noyade said it the best. if i see someone doing that to someone else i'd ask the victim what type of punishment they would like the "asshat" to get. i think thats fair as long as its not a ban (unless they keep doing it after being told to stop).
What do you mean? You cant melee team mates because it is a no FF server.

if you still attempt to melee someone on your team, its known as a "high Five" as said by Bunnies_love_panties!
He means when people stand in front of you and block your vision/movement of an area. For example, you are sniping, and your idiot teammate stands in front fo you and punches you until you both die. It's immature and stupid.
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