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Hey guys im thinking of getting a new computer but i dont know what to look for. Im looking for a computer that has a good vidieo card for gaming, but i also want to do a little vidieo editing. If anyone can give me a brand name or even a link i would apreciate it. So far my tip 3 are Alienwere, Apple, and dell xps.



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Alienware doesn't exist, so finding one will be a little tricky. A few weeks ago, Dell bought the entire company. Soon they will be releasing new Dells with Alienware technology.


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Aleinware still exists, a friend just got one, they aren't shutting the brand down, I think. Alienwares are awsome for gaming and OK for video editing. Apples are awsome for video editing (I know it's what I use to edit video) XPS is a type of dell, it's basically a gaming computer just like alienware, I don't know how the two compare to each other though. So personally, go with the alienware, it will run any video edditing program you dl just fine :D


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Alienware computers still exist, but the company was formally bought by Dell. They might still say "Alienware technology", but the company alone no longer exists. This si according to a Dell magazine I was looking at while intensly bored the other day, and a computer consultant at Best Buy.


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Ok, i Know dell makes the xps. But what i didnt know is that alienware is bought out. Thanks!


* Made this without looking at the original posting date, revived thanks to a certain someone after a month of not being touched. If you've already got your system then ignore this. If not, look at some of the sites like falcon nw and tom's hardware link.

The question is how much money are you looking to spend. Well built gaming rigs from online vendors will run you at least $1500, and that's taking it easy. Alienware, voodoo and falcon can easily hit 3-4k for a rig. They look good, run well and all have support and warranties though. Dell is cheaper mainstream, while they might have a few name brand products like the graphics card and some other things they will skimp out on other things to keep costs low enough to compete with online vendors like newegg and the like. Although trying to customize the aurora 3500 I wasn't pleased with my options considering it's a gaming pc from the 'ultimate' vendor at alienware. For your money's worth, the best way to go is to piece out your own system. You get exactly what you want for the cheapest prices. The only down side is that it isn't covered by a generalized support system. So depending on your price limit go from there. Optimal choice for money - build your own. Money not a huge issue, one of the 3 big gaming brand pcs. I think maingear can actually beat out dell's pricing. In addition, if you want to oc anything better cooling options should already be considered before purchase if not included with the purchase.

Gaming PC vendors
[link=hyperlink url][/link]
[link=hyperlink url][/link] Owned by HP
[link=hyperlink url][/link] Owned by Dell
Take the time to look at these gaming vendors as well
[link=hyperlink url][/link]
[link=hyperlink url][/link]

Dell's competition
[link=hyperlink url][/link]

Cheap build your own dual core pc plan, although c2d would up it over the D805(I'd recommend it though) and the price of ram has gone up since they made this.
[link=hyperlink url][/link]
You can do what I did... I got a sony vaio (amazing for video editing, comes with free software), and just upgraded my videocard because they r pci-express x16 compatible. They aren't that expensive, and a 7600 GT (like mine) is pretty cheap now. Oh, and it comes with intergrated HD audio, so u can hears players around corners in DoD lol.

...just a suggestion...


Well I just bought a dell XPS 410 with an intel core 2 duo 6600 2.4GHz and a ati radeon x1300 pro pci-e and reading this makes me feel like I made a mistake... someone help..because I still have time to return it : )


Is price a problem? If not, check out Falcon Northwest. They're on the pricey side, but they do not cut any corners like the big vendors often do, custom tweak each box for max performance, etc. They'll even overclock for you if you ask. I should note I haven't actually bought one; I only know their reputation. However, someday when I have some cash to blow, I intend to buy from them :)

Also, I would not buy a dell. They're going the way of apple--high price for mediocre hardware that isn't all that reliable. As for specs...I'd say at least 1GB of RAM, 2GB if you can afford it. You'll want a decent processor for video encoding, and as for cards...I'm not up to speed on the latest batch, just make sure you don't get an integrated video card. You'll know it's integrated if it has "intel" in the name--but if there's an option for osmething from ATI or nVidia, chances are it's not integrated.

edit: I'm assuming you don't want to build it yourself. If you do, let me know.


I have a Dell XPS 410 and it is the Macy's of computers.. you must be talking about dimension desktops lol JK

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Dell makes great systems but they are pricey. I bought several desktops and laptops in the past decade. Their high end systems are never on sale. I used a 30% off coupon code for laptops in the past thatyou can find on the internet from websites like or

My current comp I just built about 2 weeks ago was build from scratch using my existing huge tower case from Therm . I just went to Fry's and bought everything to save time. I could have saved money if I bought part by part on the internet from various places and then act like an airtraffic controller when they come by UPS/Fedex etc.

I bought a Intel D975 motherboard (can overclock later)
600 Watt Extreme Power (Comp USa has a good price now)
2 Gig Cosair 6400 800 Mhz DDR2 mem
Plextor Sata DVD burner
Evga 8800 GTS (EVGA lets you pay the difference within 90 days to a better card-I will upgrade to 8800GTX in 2 more months and hopefully the price goes down)
Core 2 Dual 6600 cpu
Seagate 400 gig and 500 gig Sata 2 hd for backup w/ esata external case kit.

I also used my existing Windows Xp from dell years and years ago with a Professional upgrade I bought from Costco 2 years ago.
Last but not least my Logitech G7 mouse which burns the batteries but came with two lithion batteries and a usb charging port. This mouse rocks!

Let's not forget the hours and hours of unpacking the boxes, being careful for STATIC ELECTRICITY that kills chips, loading up XP, then XP pro, then the drivers, then programs like DOD. In a sense buying it pre built and preloaded it worth the extra cost. But there is nothing like building your own system and enjoying your own built system. Just make sure you have the time and patience for it.

I forgot the rebates and rebates that take forever to return.

Good luck if you build your own system. Make sure you have someone to help you if you are a first time builder.
If your up to it, build your own. You'll get more computer for less money that way and you gain valuable computer skills as well. If you want to get a prebuilt, then go for HP or Dell. Personally, I prefer HP to Dell, their computers are slightly cheaper and faster. Don't buy a notebook, they are poor for gaming and can't be upgraded.What PC you should get really depends on how much you want to spend. The HP a1650e is a decent midrange system with a dual core Athlon 64 X2 3800+,1GB of RAM,a Nvidia 256mb 7500LE video card, and a 160GB hard drive all for only $630 after rebate. This should do everything you want. If you want to go all out, then I would get an HP d4650y with a Core 2 Duo E6600, 2GB of RAM, Soundblaster Audigy 4, 250GB hard drive, and then buy your own video card like an X1950Pro or an 8800GTS and put it in (HP doesn't offer very fast chips). Don't buy alienware, they are overpriced trash.
I built a new machine about a month ago. Paid about 1350 for it. Specs:

Intel Core2Duo E6600
eVGA 680i Mobo
1gb Corsair XMS DDR2 800 memory
160gb SATA hdd
250gb SATA hdd
700W Thermaltake powersupply
and a Coolermaster Mystique case

computers are really limited to what kind of budget you're working with. whats your budget?


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Well my tip would be to build a computer yourself if you were able but i know that option isnt available to everyone. On the whole Alienware/Dell thing i have 2 friends who bought laptops about 3 months ago Alienware one was £1800 and the Dell one was £1200ish i think. But the specification of the laptops was exactly the same, my point? Alienware = overpriced :D

Edit. I made myself a new computer about 3 weeks ago getting all the parts from

2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo (E660 model)
2GB Corsair XMS2-6400C4 DDR2 RAM
GeForce 7900 GS 512MB
Asus P5W DH Deluxe Motherboard
250GB SATA-II Harddrive
Hiper 580watt power supply
Antec P180 case

This all came to about £940 including delivery. Several problems when makeing it but got them ironed out and since then hasnt let me down yet, lets me run DoD at full graphics settings and never drops below 60fps