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Hey eGO, I just thought I would drop on over to your forums and say hello. I know some of you may know from the RP servers. Its great to see that your guys DoD:S server has really taking off. I'm going to have to start playing more :D It was great talking with Artimus the other night, I miss you man, and I'm looking forward to bugging JohnT a bit in the server and on the forums:p Well, Ill be around...

C was here but C left the building cause he doesn't play Source :(

That's a shame. Source really is not nearly as bad as it used to be ;)
jeez who doesnt play source these days. I went to play the origional dod and wow, it can be explained in one word...


well nice to see rp members dropping by. what is their site cuz i might want to drop by and give some props on their site. someone PM me the address please
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