Name Changes

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It's not a good idea to change your player name when you are an e or eG (eGO's never do it).

You should have a consistent nick when you wear a clan tag. This way it doesn't cause confusion and also ppl can get to know you.

BTW, I put this in the public area rather than the eG section, so e's can read it as well.


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I agree, only in rare cases should you change your ingame name.


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Dont change your name. Vert!kal is fine. Its cool becasue its diffrent. !lol !amazed


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Changing your name is discouraged while in eG or eGO, but it not as influential as changing your name while in e, since we are all still gettign to know you. If you feel it necessary to change your name, make a thread telling everyone about it. That way confusion is nonexistant.
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