Banana down!

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I wont be able to get on for a while. My HDD has finally gotten so corrupted that I get the blue screen of death just trying to install windows. I hopefully will have a new HDD by tuesday or so.
Now, Noxus was that nessisary. But the funny thing is, is that you never are on when I am and if you are I kill you more. !lol
Well it's tough. OneShot, when me and you get home from school around the same time, the server is usually empty. It starts to get going at like 7:00-9:00, yet I can't play anything on the computer after 7:00, so basically my entire week is trash.
aww thats poo! I shall miss sniping u down hehe..and yes get that Computer fixed..My computer has been thru a few HDDs too so i feel ur pain!..See ya soon

Fas est et ab hoste doceri
It is right to learn even from the enemy
lol gotta love the blue screen of death. My favorite is the old half life used to give an error called "net send packet error:NO ERROR" thats my favorite!
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