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Mission Surg

I made one post
Would you guys want to scrim anytime soon by any chance? We are always up for friendly scrim, so just let me know. Anytime is usually good for us.

[XSV]Mission Surg[POLES]

AIM: soccerserg
EMAIL: [email protected]
Xfire: missionsurg
its just for fun im in... when it becomes to like a real scrim i get fusterated and i get worried about loosing the scrim and so.. ya i stink at scrim =(
Ok guys i know this clan i actuly used to play there sister server. [NRG]. I left. But this is a good team to have a scrim with. Howdy Mission. If there is a scrim, im in.
Everyone, the clan has not come to a conclusion yet whether or not to participate in scrimmages. You guys don't need to talk about it here, since there is a sticky in the eG forum discussing this. This is purely between XSV and the council/clan advisors.
You guys pick the date, and usually around 9:00 - 9:30pm EST is best for us.
Map: Avalanche
Length: 2 x 20 min rounds
Server: Doesnt matter
Pass: you can Email me it or through Xfire
Players: 6 - 10
Normal Scrim Weapon Restrictions
Anything else?
[XSV]Mission Surg[POLES]
Argh, I'm going to make a sticky with time zones. If you've got windows, click on the time and it'll bring up a big option list under the tab of time zone with all the wonderful different time zones. East coast is -5, Central -6, Mountain -7, Pacific -8. Meaning 6:30 on west coast.
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