hey im toothpaste( tooth with a paste)

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since a lot of u guys are doing these kinds of post... maybe i shuld do one :). Im 13 years old i live in hawaii and love to play dod all night (which most of u kno already). i have t known any of u for a while.. but most of the rp ppl here ive known for a few months :D. i am korean (south... if i wasnt i woulda bombed u by now :p) and like al them korean food and stuff. hope to see all of u guys in the server!

Sad Sack

Sup Brian (my middle name btw)

"i live in hawaii" Hate you already.jk of course

I'm just jealous been there once and wanted to stay like all mainlanders.



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You live in Hawaii ! Nothing like waking up in paradise every morning :)

I have been gaming with Tooth for several quite awhile. I think he was the first person I msged about Edge. Knowing what a good guy Tooth is, it was easy to match us up :)


Wow hawaii thats a great place im sure you know better thanI do I stayed in Kauai for like 3 weeks and it was be-utifull
would love to go back.


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Once, I was on a Korean airlines flight to Thailand and the flight attendants were passing out dinner. I was so starving! So she says to my wife, Bibimbab or Fish. Wife says Bibimbab. Then our friend flying with us...Bibimbab or Fish? Friend says "Bibimbab" and then she hands me the Fish without asking me!

I am all like, "hey i want the bibimbab!"

And flight attendant said "no bibimbab for you!"

I was all bummed out of the rest of the flight! Bibimbab is sooo crazy good and fish is sooo icky :(


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Bibimbab is the best!


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Whats bibimbab? I'll take a nasi goreng with tjap tjoi or babi pangang while we're tlaking about asian food.


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You do, and YOU'LL clean it up Folk.


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I do like indonesian food too :)
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