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hi im john, im 15, I loved dod since it came out. I played with army men(like sad sack) and got bored quick except i dident blow them up with fireworks, I shot them with my 22. somtimes i used napalm on the fers.its fun to make it! Its hard to bomb them out of there bunkers!yeah i was born a pyro but i cant help it,and i never learn lesson after burning myself. i love guns, shooting,paintballing, and dirtbiking. I guess u can say im a crazy kid.....ok im crazy! I live in riverside california and its as hot as a mo fo here. good life!

see ya on dod! !amazed
You sound like a great kid.

errr John? There seems to be alot of fires out there in Cal.

Nobody gives this guy a match! %-6

We need California 8) .
My wife's family lives in Highland :)

Ironically we go there to cool off since they have central air and we don't have any aircon cause we live in Long Beach :(
highland? ay?
i vidit my dad and he lives in grand terrace and go to highland all the time.

lots of hot girls there ;)
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