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EGO Is My Life!
Yeah, saw many of these kind of topics here, so I decided to make one up...*err* Did I say make one up..meant to post mine up, yeah..well erm..right.
Name: Ville
Age: 16
Country: Finland
Playing DoD: 7 days to be exact
How I got into buying the game: Played the free weekend on 7th to 10th of this month.
Who I got to this clan: You can thank Houston for that....Just went to the eG server randomly on my first day and saw him speak finnish, so I talked to him and he told me to visit this site, that's about it.
God of Grapefruits: Yeah, you may have heard of him, it's me ^^ And don't you think I'm insane, I'm not :O Well, atleast I think I ain't.
Fav games top5: 1. DoD 2. Cs:s 3. Final Fantasy VIII 4. Final Fantasy X 5. Rome: Total War
If you want to know anything else, ask away here or in pm....or even email, I'll gladly answer.
We are so glad you found a home so quickly :)

One thing is we need more Fins and other Euro's :)
Not open for further replies.