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Hey guys, umm yeah...... donations..... Thad be great if we could all chip in some extra cash for the eGO Team here. I know we are wanting to bump up to a 100 tick server and that is a chunk of change. With the 100 tick server we could add more features to the server such as..... QUAKE SOUNDS!!! WOOT WOOT! and it would make the server obviously run faster with less lag and more crisp speed and movment. It's somwhere around $120 bucks a month for the server, and its slpit 2 ways so about $60 dollars. When you have a family and a new born. $60 dollars is alot. Just thinkin the eGO team would really appritiate some donations. Keep it in mind please.

PM John or Kendle for more information and such

Thanks guys

i would love to contribute, BUT, i can barely afford groceries right now. im a broke college kid. i have 3 dollars until i get paid on friday...stuck eating beans and salsa. hehe.
if we can get maybe 5 bucks a person at eGO thats like........056732563259765932 dollars.
started with a zero and ended with a 2 when your talking about $5 donations. nice. anyways (had to get that out of the way) donations are an awesome idea. i know kendle, john, artimus, and all the council members would greatly appriciate it. i believe through a pay pal account is the way to go. i think thats how we're doin the whole donations thing. like dye said before talk to john or kendle about it. i know that many people arent a big fan of donating to people they dont know b/c this is all online but a dollar from every registered member here would be around $200 (quite a bit) so please help out. the server is your privilege and if you want to make it better you gotta help.

also quake sounds would be sweet. i know i want that on this server so please chip in if/when you can. any and all help is appriciated.
Ah yes... The teen years, No car, No freedom, no credit card... Um... if i were to donate(probably will) id need to pay by cash.
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