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give us a little description on what u want. and il lsee if my brother can help you out. hes got the best photoshop and anitmated sigs.. he is working on oneshots sig also but i can tell him to make you a avatar


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ehhhh...... i want sumthin pimp.....like []D [] []V[] []D pimp. i want it to be pimpin.....yeah. =(eG)=†DyeMatrix†

to make the crosses is alt+0134

i think sumthin snipery would be sweet cuz thats what i ussualy am.

and black and red are my fav. colors put together....haha i dont know what to say lol.
What image format and Size is it for a Avatar and the Forum avatar (see how Vertikal has the small avatar to the left and the biger one for forum signature)


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I was too busy to make an avatar, so I made you a signature text... you can choose what to do with it; make me edit it, don't use it, use it, whatever. Just made it for the fun of it.
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