[RUST] Updated DS Perks


Artist: @december | Writing: @redchance @webby

Rust, Updated DS Perks - August 26th, 2020

With a new update to our DS Perks for Rust, our Dedicated Supporters are getting a fresh, new way to play. If you would like to help support the community by becoming a Dedicated Supporter while earning cool and fun perks around our servers on different games, you can follow THIS LINK to learn more.

Dedicated Supporter Perks
3x Rust Rewards
2x backpack size via /BACKPACK
2 additional /SETHOME locations
1/2 Countdown and cooldown time for /SETHOME
1/3rd countdown time for /TPR
In game [DS] tag
DS exclusive skin
Colored name
Colored chat

Dedicated Supporter Kit
Metal Facemask
Tactical Gloves
Metal Chest Plate
Road Sign Kilt
M92 Pistol
Pistol Bullet (45)
Medical Syringe (40)
Black Raspberries (10)
Large Medkit (40)
Pumpkins (25)
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