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EdgeGamers is currently home to over 15 servers that house thousands of players each and every month. We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to each and every one of you, from E's to O's, to our Leadership and Senior Leaders. Without you, we would not have been able to build this community of players who build each other up and allow us to stretch to higher and higher horizons each day.

As you are all aware we are in the works of launching and supporting plenty of new games and new servers for you to enjoy. These include but are far from limited to Squad, CoD, Overwatch, and more. ;)

The greatest part of launching new support for servers and games is the beginning. This is the period where the server undergoes extensive advertisement and where people who have been in these games already see our servers pop up and try it out. The initial launching of a server typically makes the server in its first week. It's the greatest opportunity for retention, new players, and ultimately, expansion.

We'd like to take this opportunity to ask you to reach out to any of our servers that may need an extra spotting of support as we delve into the Holiday seasons and the near end of 2020. Those of you who have already been taking the opportunity to do so, we've most certainly noticed and appreciate your priceless support. There may be new opportunities for you coming soon. Supporting our servers is typically a quick gateway into a promotion.

Take the opportunity to locate servers in need of support, we will list some highlights below at the end. Seed these servers. 'Seeding' a server means to plant a seed into a server by presence. For example, idling on a server is an additional player. Some players might search for servers through keywords of features that interest them in titles, but a server that is 3/48 players looks significantly less appealing as opposed to 20/48. Players click on servers that have more players on them, so by idling on the server you, in turn, give more interest to the server, and put the server higher up on the server listing for everyone to see.

This gives these servers more opportunities to acquire new players more easily and significantly assists with retention.

I already play on these servers a lot, is there anything else I can do?:

I'd like you to take the moment to think back to when you first joined EdgeGamers servers. A lot of us here stayed for the people, in addition to the quality of the server. In general, being charismatic and polite on the server will make you more memorable, and make the environment more appealing to new players. An extra step that is absolutely beneficial is interacting with new players on these servers. Even if it's as simple as saying hello to Billy who joined the server. You could go the extra mile and even add them to your friends list. This makes it easier to join our server because you are someone that they already know, they see you on the game and naturally want to play with you, so they'll join off of you and have even easier access to our servers.

In addition to this, asking players to join our Discord server, or our forums/teamspeak is widely beneficial. Once someone joins one of our platforms, they are bound to join the rest.

@Architect of Life currently runs the Contributor Program from Member Services. Our contributors contribute to our servers primarily through seeding them and helping them out when asked. This is a great way of getting involved and being able to respond to seeding calls in the contributor channels.

Players who go the extra mile to help our servers are always noted, and we keep a close eye on those of you who help our servers out when they might need the extra push. In addition to this, when awards/ribbons return, we are looking into a new award for seeders who go above and beyond in support.

Please consider seeding/idling & engaging with the following servers.
You can connect to these servers whenever, be it your zoom classes, your zoom meetings, while you're out walking the dog (with a mask), or out grabbing some coffee (with a mask).



=(eGO)= | 24/7 HARVEST TDM | NO CRITS | FAST+ | EdgeGamers

=(eGO)= | 24/7 HIGHTOWER TDM | NO CRITS | FAST + |

=(eGO)= | 24/7 2FORT TDM | NO CRITS | FAST+ |



=(eGO)= EdgeGamers | New Players Welcome | RAAS/AAS/INV |
Search "Edge" in server browser.

=(eGO)= MINIGAMES | AWP+ | 102 TICK | !WS !KNIFE | EdgeGamers

We would like to remind everyone that the numbers on Minecraft have been looking quite well, but to vote for our servers using the links in this thread.
Voting helps this server get seen more, and is more productive than idling on the MC server directly, though all forms of support are welcome.

=(eGO)= Survival | PVE/PVP | MULTI-SERVER
Add to multiplayer list

EdgeGamers Supported Servers

EdgeGamers offers a wide selection of game servers for you to enjoy. You can view all of our servers HERE.​
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I'll take the time in floating around in all those servers. I pretty much play most of those games.


This is the way!!!!
If you own Minecraft and haven't checked out our Survival server or

If you are new to Minecraft and haven't checked out our Survival server.


It is alot of fun, plenty of people on during peak hours to assist you if needed.

This is my 10th survival map on our server. Even though game play is similar with each map, it never gets old. The creativity with our members and their builds are astonishingly brilliant.

Hope to see you there.

The Esport Alien

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I just wanna say, we all are gonna leave the community one day. And some other people will replace us. i just wanna say i was here. :)