Happy Thanksgiving 2020



As I reflect back on the year we've had, it is no doubt that it's been challenging in many ways. Inside and outside of gaming many of us have experienced complex situations that task our ability to adapt, change and innovate. The power of not only the individuals but even more the team within this community make it easier to overcome those complex situations and challenges. On this day of thanks I am most grateful for the team we have here and the sheer power it has.

I hear stories from others who don't hesitate to say they have some of their best friends as part of this team. I hear that when you're having a bad day in life and just need to put a smile on your face, those around you in eGO are ready to pick you up without hesitation. I am extremely thankful that we have a culture that provides an outlet for happiness and joy. There's a sense of escape where you can eliminate the troubles outside of gaming for just a small amount of time where you relax with friends. I am extremely thankful for all of you who are a part of this team, the EdgeGamers team, who help make a difference.

Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for making EdgeGamers unique. Thank you for truly making a difference in some peoples day or lives. Can't wait see you in game soon.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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Thank you eGO for giving me a place to meet new people, and have wonderful experiences with people who have like-minded interests.

Thank you to everyone who puts effort into making eGO such a welcoming and friendly community.


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I am thankful for my family, friends, co-associates, fellow management (work) team, and my EdgeGamers family. I love you all!!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and there families.
Stay safe everyone


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Happy thanksgiving everyone, stay safe and enjoy your holiday.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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I am thankful for my wife, good health, my dog, extreme music, and myself.

happy thanksgivings


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I may be late but happy thanksgiving! @Legend


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Amazing message, hope everyone has a good thanksgiving!