EdgeGamers Enters Overwatch Path to Pro

In mid-December, we announced the creation of an Overwatch Path to Pro team. Now, with great pleasure, we ready to announce this team has been completed and we now have our starting six players. Each and every one of these players grinds Overwatch on a daily basis with hopes of making it big, making it to the Overwatch League. These players are veterans of Contenders and Contenders Trials, they've been at the highest levels of play and they are eager to make it to the top. With very few details surrounding Season One of Overwatch Contenders 2021 we can not say exactly when you'll be able to see the team playing on the big screen, however, they are already signing up for tournaments and are ready to compete. Without further ado, please welcome your official EdgeGamers Overwatch Path to Pro team.

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@Vega Overwatch

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Hype train 🚂


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Been a lot of work but honestly it's all paid off. Really excited to see these guys ready to compete and I know we'll get some pretty fire results! Everyone on the team is really chill and it's just been an all around good time so far.


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Can't wait to buy your merch! In game and irl!



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Now this is actually super cool


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i dont play overwatch but congrats to you guys and i wish you good luck on your goals and ambitions! you'll make it big someday, i can tell <3