Overwatch Introduces WISP


Our competitive Overwatch team has been extremely dominant throughout Open Division, and now it's time for them to move on to a higher level of play. The top two teams from Open Division get an invite to Contenders Trials, which is a round robin tournament where the top four teams move into the grand Contenders tournament with a prize pool of 40k. Our team has been practicing day in and day out to prepare for Contenders Trials, so we can move up to Contenders and prove we are top-tier talent.

As our Overwatch team moves into higher and higher levels of play, we decided they deserved their own flare and outlet to post about their matches and winnings. Without further ado, I would like to announce our Overwatch team's very own brand and Twitter. Introducing WISP!

WISP is based off a will of the wisp with some of its own flare. Thanks to a lot of brainstorming from the team and two of the best up-and-coming graphic design talent from the competitive Overwatch scene we were able to come up with something that suited us. If you have been keeping tabs on our Overwatch team I urge you to give us a follow on Twitter for constant updates and more!

Artist: Osiren_ | Writer: @Wish

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Ayo, Wisp gonna kill it in contenders.

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