CS:GO KZ Server Release

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CS:GO KZ Server Release - May 27th, 2021

With summer break on the horizon and Jailbreak mains complaining that climb is becoming too easy, the Counter-Strike Leadership team is pleased to announce the release of our second new server, KZ! The premise of KZ is to complete a map with grueling jumps and difficult obstacles to earn the fastest time completed. Hop on the server and flex your lj skills!

Some Features:
• Globally Whitelisted
• Mapchooser with Tiers and LJ Rooms
• Distbug
• Measure
• Night Vision
• WS
• Knife
• Hats
• MovementHUD
• LJ

Expect constant updates to be pushed out with exciting new features and map changes. As always if you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to leave them here or message any of CS Leadership!

=(eGO)= KZ CLIMB EASY | TIER 1-2 | GLOBAL | 128 TICK | !WS !KNIFE | EdgeGamers.com

Make sure to add the server to your favorites!

: @Semo | Art: @heidi

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All you had to do was follow the D*** Train, CJ


ayy i can flex my movement :] i think my pre is like a 276 and no pre is 263ish

pls don’t add kz_spacemario


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Absolute pogchamp server as the hip kids would say


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Wanted kz/lj for a while now, might become kz main


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Oh shit didn't think we'd get a kz server, hell yeah

Dark Fry

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HELLLLLLLLLLLL YEA!!!!!! lets fricken goooooooo!!!!!!! Maybe I'll finally stop sucking at climb on JB xD
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