Tech October Newsletter


Tech October Newsletter

What the heck is this?​

The Tech newsletter is going to be a monthly update that will be sent out the first week of every month providing updates about a variety of topics. It will usually contain a reflection and status report of the previous month’s work and what we were able to accomplish since last month’s newsletter. This will also serve as a sort of public roadmap showing what we are planning on working on for the following month.

Recent Structure Changes​

Tech is going to be doing some structure changes and updates. We have already seen Logic brought up as a Community Manager to serve the position of project manager. This is the first step. There are a lot more changes that are currently being staged, but not announced yet so stay tuned!

September Report​

September was a relatively good month in terms of work done from the Tech team.

  • We were able to deliver a dark theme (finally). Shoutout to @Meyers for helping get this done.
  • Overhauled the MAUL Discord bot to fix a lot of community gripes and make it easier for everyone to use. More information will be announced when it gets released alongside another update that has yet to be announced.
  • Additional bots are in active development and will be updated on in future updates.
  • Infrastructure has been the biggest area of focus in tech; unfortunately it is also the least public aspect of our work, and therefore leads to the perception that tech is lazy. Work has been continued for a long time on automating the build process of our game servers to automatically deploy when an update is ready, without the need for Tech to manually login to a box and update it.
  • FiveM has been set up where the repository can be branched and a server automatically created to test that update. This currently utilizes Gitlab’s internal CI/CD and while it works relatively well, isn’t scalable.
  • We are currently in the development hell of setting up Kubernetes clusters to migrate our entire infrastructure towards. This will further aid in our mission to automate deployment of servers and overall increase efficiency in our team.
  • Software applies to all custom code that is used on our game servers.
  • We are actively looking at improving our ability to better develop new software and features, stay tuned for future updates.
  • We are currently in the process of cleaning up our internal Gitlab. As you will see below, it has over 1300 projects currently.
  • We are discussing and working on a lot more projects, both internally, and externally (like this newsletter). If you have any ideas, please let us know.

October Roadmap​

As always, there a lot of projects that need attention, here is what we can hopefully get accomplished in this following month:

  • Completion of Phase 2 of our award system.
  • Major overhaul of some aesthetic resources, such as the navbar, forums, info pages, etc.
  • Clean up forums, archive unused forums.
  • And more unreleased changes.
  • Publishing of MAUL bot 2.0 with better admin functionality.
  • Work on Admin/Edgebot that contains a lot of useful admin or general features that other bots don’t provide or aren’t suited for what we need.
  • A MASSIVE milestone would be if we could get at least our development environment entirely integrated in a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Unfortunately, we have relied a lot on the work of game Community Managers to update server plugins, we hope to start to alleviate some of the development burden from them so they can focus on server configuration and then rely on tech to deliver software updates.
  • We are continuing to rework our Tech department and hopefully we can release a full overhaul post in this coming month.

Monthly Gitlab Statistics​

Every month we will publish some statistics from our self-hosted Gitlab instance where all of our projects are hosted. If you want to learn more about how this works and to get a behind the scenes, let us know!

Total Stats (Sept 1 -> October 1)

Projects: 1,329 -> 1,357 (+28)
Groups (folders): 144 -> 144 (0)

Created Issues: 3,041 -> 3,118 (+77)
Merge Requests: 6,100 -> 6,338 (+238)

Total Pipelines (automated tasks): 30,934 -> 32,470 (+1,536)
Successful Pipelines: 26,692 -> 28,069 (+1,377)​
Failed Pipelines: 3,624 -> 3,767 (+143)​
Pipelines Cancelled: 501 -> 513 (+12)​
Pipelines Skipped: 117 -> 121 (+4)​

Give us your feedback!​

This is a new initiative for us and will require a lot of cooperation between us at Tech and the rest of the community. A part of this would be feedback that you all have for us about anything regarding tech. If you want to ask about one of our systems, have a general comment or concern, or even just want to rant to us about how we ‘never get anything done’. Feel free to either comment publicly on this thread or send myself or any of our leadership a message through forums or discord.

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