Thank You Bakr


Thank You Bakr

From Day 1 of Bakr joining the community, he has shown us how dedicated he is and how an ideal admin should be. From becoming an admin trainer and helping train new admins or answering questions the admins may have, Bakr dominated in this position to which he got promoted to AT manager. As manager he did so much to help the CS Leadership team, from helping with ban contests to updating the TTT rules and making sure that the admins were properly trained. In short Bakr is the definition of what we look for in the perfect admin and is even that much better as manager. We would like to congratulate @bakr for his Excellence and dedication to our servers by giving him the Platinum Commendation.


Along with Bakr getting this award, it saddens me to announce that Bakr has decided to step down from his duties as AT Manager. Bakr has been a reliable admin, manager, and friend. Bakr stepped in wherever he could to try and help better our servers by handling the immense amount of ban contests and ban reports. He has gone above and beyond by greeting new players that joined our servers as well as making the TTT server fun by rdming every single round.

Unfortunately Bakr's run has come to an end but we are excited to see what Bakr will do in his future. Did you know he is becoming an astronaut? Yeah me neither just made this up but I wouldn't be surprised if Bakr was the first person to live on mars. We will miss you @bakr we all hope the best for whatever you decide to do!

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I was as sad as everyone else here until he told me he wasn't going too far,
and I can still reach out and ask him questions @ $5 an answer. Good deal.

Thank you for all your help and time. See you around.
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