Minecraft Zombies! - [NEW SERVER!!!]



There's something in the forest... No, scratch that... There are MANY things in the forest...
and they're headed this way...

You wake up in a hospital bed, discombobulated and achy. You're informed that you’ve been unconscious for 5 years and the world has... changed. You're briefed that this hospital is underground which is part of a base known as The Bunker. Unfortunately, you are told you cannot stay, all rooms and beds are taken. After fleeing the hospital, it's all up to you (& your friends) in order to survive the horrors that have plagued the world.

In this Zombie Infested Apocalypse, you & your friends must work together to start a town, build bases & defenses, explore the infected lands, and become stronger. Learn about the zombies, & always make sure you keep an eye on your surroundings...
"because zombies may not be the only thing out there..."

Join us NOW in our fight for survival against this infected world.
Join mine.edgegamers.com & type "/server zombie" to finally wake up...
To get a head start on the enemy, make sure to check out THIS POST for some advantages!

Make sure to bring a friend & hop on over to OUR DISCORD, the safest place during the apocalypse...

Artist: @heidi | Writing: @webby

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