ProCombat Lifetime Allegiance Recipients 9/10/2022


ProCombat Lifetime Allegiance Recipients 9/10/2022

At our last Community Meeting four individuals were named as recipients of the ProCombat Lifetime Allegiance award. A very prestigious recognition, this award is given to individuals who embody what it means to be an EdgeGamers member. Through their influential ideas or sheer use of authentic and unique personalities, these individuals move our community forward in many ways and enable others around them to enjoy a fun environment. Tea, Andrew, CRC and Gabe were all named as recipients of this award.

ProCombat Lifetime Allegiance
Bestowed by EdgeGamers CEO, this award recognizes members past or present, who, although not involved in the founding of EGO, have significantly shaped the community through innovative ideas, thoughtful actions or sheer force of personality.

When the ProCombat Liftime Allegiance award describes individuals shaping our community through sheer force of personality, @Tea has used her power of kindness and thoughtfulness to bring individuals together in Minecraft. Her personality has facilitated a unique community that puts a smile on your face when you join in conversation. It's no doubt that Tea's influence in Minecraft has allowed many individuals to experience personal growth both inside and outside of this community. For Tea's contributions, influence, and genuine care for others, we're honored to award the ProCombat Lifetime Allegiance award.

In his time as a leader in Member Services and our Tech team, @Andrew was never afraid to challenge operations and leaders in this community for a single effort to continue to propel us forward. Being a Community Manager comes with the responsibility of looking at the community as a whole and brainstorming ways to improve what we're already offering. Andrew strived to not only contribute but be one of the first to offer up thoughts for the greater team to consider. As he transitioned his focus to Tech he consistently pushed the team to do things better for the benefit of our website, servers, Discord and many other projects Andrew was involved in. To this day, many of his suggestions and recommendations are still honored in the spirit of making the overall EdgeGamers experience better. We're honored to award Andrew the ProCombat Lifetime Allegiance Award.

Being a true technical leader in EdgeGamers is one of the most difficult roles we have in EdgeGamers. Behind the scenes work typically goes unnoticed and unrecognized. Our systems and servers are better today largely due to the efforts of @crc1225. Working behind the scenes in many capacities, crc not only took the load of technical work heavily throughout his time within the Community Management team but also influenced the growth of others in a technical capacity as well. Through not only the work he has done himself but the work he has helped others do, we're honored to award crc the ProCombat Lifetime Allegiance Award.

With the community for 11 years now, Gabe has grown up with EdgeGamers and always been a force even in his younger years. An extremely eager and excited individual, @Gabe stepped up many times to assist with a wide variety of projects over the years. Regardless of what the task required, Gabe could be a staple to simply figure it out and get the job done. In his later years he joined the Community Management team to take more responsibilities in a technical sense. In joining, even though he was frequently positioned as one of the younger minds in the room, he would not hesitate to go toe to toe with our tech leads in Covert and GardenGrove with the drive to make our technical processes better. With his influence in defining the future of tech and willing to never give up, we're honored to award Gabe the ProCombat Lifetime Allegiance Award.

In addition to the ProCombat Lifetime Allegiance award, Tea, crc and Gabe are also being awarded the Medal of Honor for their efforts.

Congratulations to all.

Writing: @Legend | Art: heidi heidi & Ric Ric

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Congratulations on the amazing award, and thanks for doing all of the things that you do.
Congratulations to the recipients!! Thank you for everything you do to better EdgeGamers
Didn't realize the other thread was in a private forum. So to make sure @Andrew can see it I'll just post a screenshot of what I said here